The culture of Haiti is primarily a culture that has strong West African roots, as well as strong French roots due to the French colonization of Haiti. The most beautiful things about Haiti are the Haitian People, the Language, Music, and Arts. And us the Haitian people are STRONG as rock.

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The entire team at haitianhistory on tumblr wishes you a very Happy Haitian Flag Day! 
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love the blog, its cool seeing a lot of Haitian things online because I live in England an I seriously believe im the only Haitian here lol , Do you live in the US?

Well thank you! And yes I live in the US.

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Today in Haitian History - April 2, 1770 - Birth of Alexandre Pétion. Alexandre Sabès Pétion was a Haitian revolutionary and later president of the Republic. 
While Pétion sided with André Rigaud’s army (Toussaint Lovertrue’s major opponent) in some of the earlier battles of the Haitian Revolution, he later changed alliance to join Toussaint’s successor Jean-Jacques Dessalines. After Dessalines’ assasination in 1806, the constitutional crisis of 1807 and Haiti’s secession, Pétion became president of Southern Haiti. He died in office in 1818.
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Kids of Oranger, Haiti. Our efforts will be focused on making sure every child in this village goes to school.
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How can I get this painting? It is so beautiful. I love this.

Which painting are you talking about?

The Sejoe Show - Dan #2


The Sejoe Show is the first Haitian American high definition show of its kind that is in Creglish (Creole with some English sprinkles) for the Generation Mil…

The Sejoe Show

ALL OF MY HAITIANS: The Sejoe Show out now!!! I promise you will laugh so VIN GRIYEN DAN’W!!! #yesyes #teamsejoe

I really like your blog. It makes me so nostalgic. É mwen vle di'w mèsi pou sa :)
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The name of the poet who wrote the poem is Prosper Sylvain Jr. which is a male. The young lady just recited the poem.

Oh! Thanks for telling me.


"I don’t look Haitian" - a poem

If anyone knows her name, please share. She’s amazing!