The culture of Haiti is primarily a culture that has strong West African roots, as well as strong French roots due to the French colonization of Haiti. The most beautiful things about Haiti are the Haitian People, the Language, Music, and Arts. And us the Haitian people are STRONG as rock.

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The Sejoe Show - Dan #2


The Sejoe Show is the first Haitian American high definition show of its kind that is in Creglish (Creole with some English sprinkles) for the Generation Mil…

Flows - NJR Feat. STAN

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Flows - NJR Feat. STAN

-International Events Entertainment -
Music & Lyrics : Jonathan (Flows ) Pierre- Louis
Guest Artist : Jasmine Dorceus
Produced By Stanley Sanon
Mixed & Mastered By King Yuri

Photograph by: Markus Croonenbroeck

RAM - Zanj (by emmanuel2008read)

RAM - Fèy (Racine/vodou music) (by ambreginny)

Fey yo gade mwen nan branch mwen, yo move tan pase li voye’m jete. Jou we’m tonbe a se pa jou a m’koule, jou we’m tonbe a se pa jou a m’ koule papa le ya bezwen mwen kote ya jwenn mwen.

In 1991, a military junta headed by Raoul Cédras seized power in a coup d’etat, overthrowing the elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. RAM, a rasin band in Port-au-Prince, which had run afoul of military authorities before, first performed “Fèy” at the 1992 Carnival in Port-au-Prince, and then began to perform the song during their weekly concerts at the Hotel Oloffson. Despite no overt references to the political situation, a recording of the song was widely played on the radio and immediately taken up throughout the country as an unofficial anthem of support for Aristide. Playing or singing the song was soon banned under military authority, and RAM’s leader, Richard A. Morse, was subjected to death threats from the regime. In September, 1994, U.S. military troops arrived to oust the Cédras regime and restore Aristide to his presidency. “Fèy” was released on RAM’s first album, Aïbobo, in 1996.


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BélO Launches New Single and Performs Live on Haiti’s Radio One
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BélO (Jean Belony Murat) winner of the “Prix Découvertes” of Radio France Internationale (RFI) is about to launch his new single “Banm Nouvel Ou” [Let me hear from you]. This is the first single released by the artist, in anticipation of his next album, scheduled for 2014. The single will be available for downloading from Wednesday, March 13, 2013. On Friday, March 15, at 8:30am, BélO will perform live on Radio One 90.1 FM (Haiti) during the show “Chokarella” (hosted by Carel Pedre). The show will be a special edition in French, English, and Creole.  Here is more information from Haiti Libre:
It is difficult to enclose in a formal framework the style and inspiration of BélO. For those who are familiar with his music of recent years, you will have to wait for a nice surprise. After his last tour in the USA [Center Stage], which probably influenced the artist, the single “Banm Nouvel Ou” is positioned in a directory non-stereotype; BélO deploys a Reggae-Pop style with a stunning fusion of twang Country (United States) and Konpa (Haiti), Intro guitar and a mix of rhythm of West Africa.
BélO wrote and composed “Banm Nouvel Ou” with the support of St Thomas Saubner (LS) in the text; musical arrangement (bass/guitar), mixing and mastering by Andy Barrow (Median Studio); recording and vocal arrangement by Fabrice Rouzier.
For a limited time, starting on March 13, fans can download “Banm Nouvel Ou” onhttps://soundcloud.com/atisbelo
Kanaval 2013


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Happy Independence Day To All My Fellow Haitians!

Happy Soup Joumou Day! Hope Ya Enjoy The New Year and eat a lot of Soup Joumou. Have A Bless Day!!

Cabaret, Haiti
Photograph by: R U Farkis?

Koudjay ( King Kessy ) - Esclave Mental ( Kanaval 2004 ) (by emmanuel2008read)